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2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner; NXT Tag Team Champion

Akam: Bio

Akam, one half of the devastating duo known as The Authors of Pain, is notorious for wreaking havoc on NXT.

Led by WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, Akam and his equally monstrous partner, Rezar, made a huge impact in their June 2016 NXT debut, demolishing American Alpha in unprecedented fashion. The devastating beatdown left the NXT Universe in stunned silence and set the tone for The Authors of Pain’s inevitable dominance that reached its zenith when the pair defeated #DIY to earn the NXT Tag Team Championship in January 2017.

Akam keeps his dialogue to a minimum, instead letting his in-ring devastation do the talking. Anyone bold enough to step in the ring with this duo will find out the hard way that war is their peace.

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